E.P. Translations is a language service provider offering specialised translation, interpreting and multilingual communication services to a wide range of markets. We operate in Montenegro with offices in Podgorica. Business activities of E.P. Translations are not only related to Montenegro but also include the entire former Yugoslavia and many European countries (United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia, etc.)

Our mission is to provide customised language solutions for highly demanding industries ranging from finance, fashion, legal and medical fields to engineering.

Companies worldwide trust our translation and interpreting services when quality, professionalism and field-specific knowledge are key requirements.

Our services mainly include:

• Official (containing seal of court-certified translators) and unofficial written translation of documents of legal entities and natural persons
• Consecutive and simultaneous translations at meeting, workshops, seminars
• Administrative support to foreigners in Montenegro

Our Key Markets

Our client portfolio includes leading Montenegrin and international companies in wide range of fields, among others:
Banking and finance
Legal industry
Fashion industries
IT and technology
Engineering companies
Pharmaceutical companies
Communication agencies